URL & Keyword Targeting

Competitive URL Targeting

Our industry leading contextual distribution network of over 50 million opt-in users will provide you with the ability to increase market share by targeting competitive URLs.

When an opt-in user in our network visits one of your competitors, your highly targeted landing page is served over top of the competitive URL in a new browser window.  This technology provides you with the ability to deliver highly targeted ads that are relative to consumers interest at the EXACT moment they are in a transactional mindset.

Keyword Targeting

Search Engine keyword targeting is both competitive & expensive. New players are entering the market daily, which drives up costs and limits traffic availability.

Our clients receive premium quality search traffic for fraction of the media costs. Since our ads are displayed over any search engine as a new browser window, your ads will have the very first opportunity to engage with consumers at the exact moment in time they are searching for your related products, services & even your competition.

URL & Keyword Targeting

Protect Your Brand

We work with some of the largest, most prestigious brand name clients in the world. On top of helping to drive business growth, we will help you protect your corporate brand.

Brand protection is big business. Just type in many of the most popular brands on the web in the major search engines and you will see the competitive nature of the subject. Advertisers & Agencies have to work extremely hard to fight off brand attacks from affiliates, advertisers & direct competitors.

We have the largest CPV network found anywhere in the USA today. Our media team utilizes our proprietary bid protection technology systems to help you maximize your brand traffic while blocking other advertisers & competitors from targeting your brand URL & brand related keywords.

Partner with us today and join many the world’s leading brands who have partnered with HyperCPV to help them receive ongoing CPV support and superior brand protection.

URL & Keyword Targeting

Drive Cost Effective Traffic

There is no getting around the fact that high quality traffic online is expensive.  Industry specific pricing for search engine and social media traffic does vary, however the one thing all industries have in common is that high quality traffic is very competitive & margins are getting tighter.

It is not uncommon for marketers to spend north of $5 a click across the leading search engines for premium pay per click traffic.  HyperCPV can provide you with the ability to get your hands on that exact same traffic for a fraction of the media cost.  Our minimum CPV (cost per visitor) rate for targeted keyword & competitive URL targeted traffic starts at $.03 cents per visitor.


Our HyperCPV Retargeting platform reaches over 98% of all online display ad inventory and will provide you with an easy way Retarget banner ads to consumers who were originally targeted through your CPV ad campaign. We work with all of the major ad exchanges & premium ad networks.

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